Glass them all
By ~ minhtrimatrix   Size: 2.6 MB   Rating: ★★★★★   Updated: 2012-03-29

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Glass them all (Rainmeter):

-Photos link
-My computer
-Recycle Bin
-Power Panel
-2 fonts: eight one, Aerovias Brasil NF


-Weather: change your code location at "dest=" & your city name at "City-Name", 1 for °C, 0 for °F at "SCALE", you can see what time to sunset & sunrise on my Weather panel too
-Clock & Driver: best for set at rightside, click to jump to Date & Time, D:\, F:\...
-My Computer & Recycle Bin, Internet: monitor your system, click at icons to jump to C:\, Recycle Bin, rightclick to emty trash
-Photos Link: open *.ini & edit its link to your Photos Library
-Power Panel: included Shutdown, Restart & Stand by
-Dock: open *.ini & edit its link to your favorite apps
-Start: open *.ini & edit its link to openstartmenu.exe

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