Dark Creed Rainmeter Theme

SkinsAllClockDark Creed Rainmeter Theme

D:\Websites\Rain-Meter\Gaming\Assassins Creed\Dark Creed Rainmeter Theme.jpg
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About Skin

So I got a request to make a theme for a friend. This is the result of this, and I must say, I like it better than I did the theme I made for myself. The only problem is that I can’t stand white backgrounds, but she likes it so I guess it’s all good. The little circle down in the corner displays winamp information. Click Download for the theme. Instructions are included. Things not included: VisualStyle:[link] Verdesh-SteelFlash (The owner has it removed so it is no longer available, I am sorry.) Start button. To change the start button you need to make edits to explorer.exe itself, which if done wrong can seriously harm your computer (for inexperienced users) I will upload the start button, but I am not responsible if you break your computer. [link]