Equalizer Spectrum Winamp Rainmeter

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Equalizer Spectrum Winamp Rainmeter
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About Skin

========================================== CHECKOUT MY NEW VERSION [link] MADE FOR ANY MUSIC PLAYERS / BROWSERS / ETC. ========================================== I just modded “EQspectrum by TechII” For larger size. They are with reflections and without reflections Wallpapers from [link] Rainmeter Skin: Omnimo 3 OS:Windows 7 Ultimate Samurize works fine without compatibility mode in Windows 7 (Mine is 64-Bit) With Right and left-With left-With right-With out VU-Means it shows the total volume or something like that…I too don’t Know -Instructions: 1) Copy the folder “Equalizer Spectrum” to C:Program FilesSamurizeconfigs 2) Start Samurize and rightclick its icon on the system tray and select “select config file” then “Equalizer Spectrum” and select your desired Type of EQSpectrum. -WinAMP: 1) Copy “WinAmpSamurize.dll” and “WinAmpSamurize.ini” to C:Program FilesWinampPlugins. 2) Start WinAMP and go to Preferences>Visualization 3) Select “Samurize Visualization 1.64” and Start. 4) And go to Plugins> Tick Auto execute visualization plug-in on playback so that you dont need to start the plugin everytime you start WinAMP. =If you want the EQ to stick to a place and not to change its position whenever you start samurize, right click the icon and Position>Pin to desktop (compat. mode). =If you want to start samurize on startup, right click the icon and select run on startup. And Soon I will make for iTunes, Foobar2000… ========================================== EDIT: ALREADY MADE FOR ANY MUSIC PLAYERS / BROWSERS / ETC. CHECKOUT MY NEW VERSION [link] ========================================== Please Comment!!! This is my first Deviation