Gumi Megpoid Rainmeter Desktop

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Gumi Megpoid Rainmeter Desktop
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About Skin

Gumi Megpoid for your desktop! ^_^ Notice: Ideal for 1600×900 screens, though you can adjust the elements for bigger resolutions and set the background wallpaper to ‘Fill’. Latest version of Rainmeter Customize the path of the picture viewer by following the instructions in the Desktop Shifter 2.0 .ini file “Wimp is a player controller for Winamp, but will support other media players, such as iTunes, WMP and more, by changing the PlayerName= value to your player. A list of supported players are available from:… ” [Note: Not included is Rocketdock. You may install it if you choose to by going to so you can dock your icons to one side of the screen for a neat desktop. Also, weather is set for Los Angeles, so you’ll want to go and change it to your local weather. Follow .ini instructions in that folder to make changes] I extend my deepest thanks to all of the talented artists that made this skin a reality. All the credits for this conglomeration of skins into one go to all the original owners, as it is a collection of skins from several artists. It contains full skins of each, however, when it loads it will load as it is laid out on the picture above. All you need is to add the wallpaper after you load it, and voila! Thank you and enjoy. ^_^ :sing: Sing along with Gumi!… [My Unrequited Feelings For You (Gumi Megpoid)– English/Romaji] Listed below are the respective skins and artists from where all the elements came from: -Rainmeter skin = Khaki Trends by ~mbgd… -Music player = Wimp 2.01 for Rainmeter by ~Simulint… -Social element from Ravenous Desktop for Rainmeter by ~ionstorm01… (Slightly modded, blood splatter background removed once I positioned it over the TV screen) -Slideshow viewer = Desktop Shifter 2.0 by ~TheMerchant-DS… -Wallpaper… and various Vocaloid pictures in viewer =… (Included in package in the resources file) :D Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.