ProjeKT NightWatch for Rainmeter

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ProjeKT NightWatch for Rainmeter
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About Skin

Hello! long time no see.. :) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ well, this is my another home made skin, although i still mix my skin with another user skin. but i think this one is suck and it’s not as great as my old skin. i even consider it as an epic fail X( but thanks if you like this one, but still, i feel that it’s like something is just doesn’t right with my skin so, i need a feedback for this one. if you have a suggestion, please post it here. i would appreciate every word you post in here. and for this one, i DO update it if i have enough feedback that could inspired me to create a great one. that’s why i need a feedback from every people here ;) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Ingredients: wallpaper by unknown ( :iconthedexter1111: gave it to me. but i know that the creator of this wallpaper has a deviantart id. so if you know who it is, please give me the link of his/her dev id to me :D ) Original Nightwatch skin by me Generic’s 2 by :iconnylons: it contains: -Internet -HDD Circle by :iconaidaaah: [link] it Contains: -System Information Boulevard by :iconsweatyfish: [link] it contains: -Winamp ……………………………………….. Install: copy all fonts to %windows/fonts% copy all folders to %skin directory of rainmeter% copy all plugins to %rainmeter instalation directory/ plugins% ……………………………………………. FAQ I’ve got so much question here, and most of them, are the question which are repeated again and again. so i decided to create a FAQ here. hope it helps Q: Crucafix, how do you use the rainmeter? A: see it here: [link] there’s a manual which can explain how you use rainmeter Q: Crucafix, my weather skin doesn’t work! A: read it here: [link] Q: Why don’t you answer it yourself instead of directing us to another web? A: all of your answer is there. i don’t know which one that could answer all of your question Q: why dont you just copy-paste it here? A: it’s way too looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong to be posted here Q: Ah, say it, you just too lazy to explain it right here huh? A: if i say yes then what? Q: you lazydog! A: well, if my explanation doesn’t satisfied you, then ask it to another person for more satisfying answer P.S: for new rainmeter user, please watch the readme file :)