Simple Media Rainmeter Theme 1.1

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Simple Media Rainmeter Theme 1.1
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About Skin

### Check out my latest skins “Encoded [link]” “Elegance [link]” “Ribbits [link]” ### *** Update v1.1 – 062211 *** – Added a few new options for Time/Date & Weather – Now in .rmskin format for easier installation. – Minor updates to code. Keeping it simple for my first ever Rainmeter release. I’ve included many of the themes I’ve worked on into a single package. Mix & Match, change colors, fonts, sizes… modify to your heart’s content. Included are multiple options for the following. -Date/Time -Weather -Recycle bin + meter* This project has certain elements taken from or inspired by both Token and Enigma skins, big Thanks to the authors. Also thanks to bobbyperux and his SIMPLE CLOCK SAVER for inspiring one of the included Date/Time skins. ~Rainmeter is Required to use this skin, visit [link] (*)The big ugly trash bin icon isn’t included, it’s simply there to illustrate a use for the skin next to it. :D — Wallpaper used in preview… 1: [link] 2: [link] 3: [link] 4: [link] 5: [link] 6: [link]