Violet Evergardern Rainmeter Theme

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Violet Evergardern Rainmeter Theme
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About Skin

A Rainmeter skin consisting of themed desktop elements and utilities. This includes a small amount of wallpaper interactivity; some objects in the wallpaper can be clicked to open certain menus. You must run the trigger auto-scaling program first for these to work correctly. Default trigger settings for 1600×900. Wallpaper included, here’s the link anyway (modified from…) color changes and crop to 16:9 Current: 1.1.1 [Fix] Changed Weather data provider


?????? 1.0 Initial Release 190322 1.1 Changes to news system


All skins and programming are 100% OC!

Main Object

Violet\MainObject\Clock.ini Displays date and time. You can choose the color black or “color0” in the config menu. Text in this skin can be hidden in the config menu, for the sole purpose of visualizer support.

Hitbox Auto-Scale Program

Violet\AUTOSCALE\program.ini Use this tool to automatically configure hitbox objects to the wallpaper. Open on first run and on changing screen zoom settings. Only tested for 16:9 aspect ratio. If you scale and/or offset the wallpaper, you will need to reprogram this tool, and it will become easier to directly hard-code the hitbox shapes.

System Information Bars

Violet\BarCPU\stat.ini | Violet\BarRAM\stat.ini | Violet\BarStorage\sto.ini | Violet\BarRem\sto.ini CPU usage, RAM usage, C: drive usage, and another drive’s usage. The drive used for BarRem\sto.ini can be changed in the Variables file (default is E:\) and is faded out if the drive is not connected.

Application Launcher

Violet\Shortcuts_v2\shortcuts.ini (the first shortcut system’s design was deprecated before initial release, but still included) Default applications are Chrome, Discord, GIMP 2, PowerPoint, [Printer], Spotify, Steam. Spotify requires a shortcut to the application to be made somewhere, due to it being a “modern” one. Defaults to desktop. The printer controller must be changed according to your own. No other program icons are provided (but you can use those from other Rainmeter skins)

Weather Information

Violet\Weather\disp.ini Uses wxdata XML-based feeds to display current weather information. Change the location and weather unit in

“Typewriter” Menu and Memo Manager

Violet\Typewriter\hitbox\trigger.ini [Keep loaded] Click on the typewriter’s keyboard to open/close its menu. Violet\Typewriter\ui\menu.ini Access your mail (default:, open Notepad, open Microsoft Word, or open the Memo menu. Violet\Typewriter\memo\_controller.ini | …\1.ini | …\2.ini | …\3.ini | …\4.ini Manage your memo items. You can edit the content and title of each; title changes are reflected to the controller. You can open all, close all, and reset memo data in the config menu.

News (Website and Feeds reader)

Important: The News system is designed for sites that do not update frequently (ex: more than once a day). Violet\News\hitbox\trigger.ini [Keep loaded] Click on the bundle of envelopes at the bottom center of the screen to open/close the viewer. Violet\News\full\display.ini Shows the information specified in the News regular expressions settings. Sites updated since last view are marked with a dot. Invalid URLs are displayed with a faded color. 8 sites can be chosen; they must be entered in the News settings variable file. Defaults to cmg-simplestuff, and pixiv announcement (though it won’t be posted there). Left click on the title to view the news item page Right click on the title to view the site home page

Photos Shortcut

Violet\Photos\trigger.ini [Keep loaded] Opens the Photos application in Windows 10. Requires a shortcut to be made somewhere, defaults to desktop. Note: Windows 7 users have to change this to Windows Media Player. The x86 file location is provided in the skin file.

Resources Content

…\_img\… : Logos for the application launcher. …\fonts\… : See Fonts …\bg.png : Desktop Wallpaper …\ : Memo data …\ : Stores old data for the checking of site updates (don’t touch) …\ : News skin labels, URLs and regular expressions (follow instructions inside) …\ : Common settings between all Violet\Shortcuts skins (deprecated) …\ : Color and miscellaneous settings – default colors 0 “c7ae8b” and 1 “fefef6”


All fonts are available on Google Fonts, and are used in the Violet Evergarden anime site. – Special Elite (Regular) – Merriweather (Regular) (Italic) – Noto Sans JP (Regular) (Bold) *fallback

Extras (

– Default variable files just in case – Monstercat Visualizer settings file why not