Phenix Theme Version 1.2f

SkinsAllLauncherPhenix Theme Version 1.2f

Phenix Theme Version 1.2f
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About Skin

New update 1.2f (final) more efficient and stable with a “full” redesign of the skin To change the language of the date, note and power it is in “This Pc/Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/Phenix/resources/Settings.ini” Updated 1.1 theme and I wanted to say thank you for your comments, favorites. YOU ARE AWESOME


1.2f – Translation of the files in the information bar in the software rainmeter – Optimization and correction of bugs of the skin – 100% of skin French, Spanish language – Added language for date – No need for config files, styles and fonts for the time, what makes it easier to customize the time for those who know the base of rainmeter – Remove unnecessary file 1.1 – Add Clock 12h and 24h – Add new icons – Add HDD D, E, F, G – Skin readjust for 1080p – Add Power (No text) and Power (Text) – Fix weather C and F – Add French and Spanish language for Notes and Power – Correction and improvement of the interface 1.0 Release – Time  lilshizzy… – System ( CPU, Ram, DISK, … )  Rasylver… – Notes  AidenDrew – Power  abu46… – SearchBar – Weather – Date


The dock is the rocketdock software The skin has been heavily modified to take up less space but you can take the original version which is located above. The wallpaper and icon is in the .mskin  “This Pc/Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/Phenix” PS: Replace manually if the theme is not loading at the right place