Tech-B Rainmeter Theme HUD

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Tech-B Rainmeter Theme HUD
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Hi all … TECH-B is OUT :))) BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION  i wanna credit Z-DESING for his Brushes … JSMorley for his support in RAIMNETER FORUM Squirrel-slayer color setter and others wich ive analized their skins code :) TECH-B includes 1 to 8 CPU 6 Drives 6 Buttons (animated) + 3 buttons for aplication added BAttery added Wireless added colorsetter… thx added shortcuts with mouse over colorchangeing and around 18Backgrounds added VClouds weather a little modified :) and made TECH-B skin for XION PLAYER wich is availabe to download from  HERE :… FOR FONTS IMPORTANT !!!!!!!! go to Documents\rainmeter\skins\tech-b\@resources you have there SOME FONTS … copy them in C:\WINDOWS\FONTS and restart RAINMETER THE TUTORIAL OFF THE SKIN is here on youtube link : i hope you enjoy it :) if you enconter bug or something let me know :) comments bellow PS: … my imagination sometimes goes WILD … so espect more art from me … currently trying to study Cinema4D animation and they really know how to give you a headache :| … i will keep you posted :D JUST EDITED THE COLOR CFG added a more simple COMMAND watch YOUTUBE MOVIE