Alpha Hexagon Rainmeter Skin

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Alpha Hexagon Rainmeter Skin
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About Skin

AlphaHexagon is a Rainmeter ‘Launcher’ skin. What you should know – Icons fade to color when you mouse over them and back to gray when you leave them. This can be turned off so that they are permanently colored. – Of course, all the tiles can be dragged around freely. – Tiles can be refreshed by middle-clicking them. (pressing the mouse wheel down) – Tiles snap to an invisible grid when refreshed. This can also be turned off. – You can drag and drop a file on a tile, which moves the file to the corresponding folder, including the Recycle Bin and Dropbox. (if you have the client) – There is a ‘Music Control’ which consists of 3 tiles to control your music. (Previous, Play/Pause, Next) – Settings can be changed in AlphaHexagon\Resources\ – AlphaHexagon\Wallpaper\Wallpaper.ini automatically sets the included wallpaper depending on the resolution of your screen. You can load or unload it depending on if you want this behavior. – Some tiles will have a wrong filepath or no filepath at all. You will need to change/add it manually. Recommendations to make it look best (in Windows 10) – Change Taskbar to Light Settings > Personalisation > Colours > Choose color ‘Light’ Or as I prefer it Choose color ‘Custom’, Windows mode ‘Light’, App mode ‘Dark’ – Turn off Desktop Icons As this skin is meant to replace your desktop icons, here is how to turn them off Right-click on Desktop > View > Uncheck ‘Show desktop icons’ Alternatively, you can delete them or move them somewhere else. To get rid of the Recycle Bin Settings > Personalisation > on the left ‘Themes’ > Under Related Settings ‘Desktop icon settings’ > Uncheck ‘Recycle Bin’ – Change scaling on High-DPI Screens For High-DPI Screens (usually laptops) Windows 10 tells the programs to scale the content so it isn’t so small. Rainmeter doesn’t deal properly with it which makes everything look blurry. If you use a High-DPI Screen, I recommend turning this off for Rainmeter. First, you need to locate Rainmeter on your PC. Usually at C:\Program Files\Rainmeter Richt-click Rainmeter.exe > Properties > ‘Compatibility’ tab > ‘Change high DPI settings’ > at the bottom check ‘Override …’ > Choose ‘Application’ Special Thanks to APIUM for inspiring this skin theAzack9 for the Drag&Drop plugin tjhrulz for the WebNowPlaying plugin