Atome Rainmeter Theme HUD 1.1

SkinsAllClockAtome Rainmeter Theme HUD 1.1

Atome Rainmeter Theme HUD 1.1
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About Skin


The old skins are abandoned, because I don’t like it too much, too much bug, and no time to update them, for me Atom is the newest ones are a new page, better work, updated quickly.


1.0 Release: – Player / Time – Date / Settings 1.1: – Control panel more simplified / possibility to change the color of the time bubbles and progress bar of the audio player


Q: How to change the time, language, audio player, weather, … or color. R: in the parameters. Q: How to have the wallpaper. R: In the skin. Q: How to open the skin. R: With the software Rainmeter. Q: There is not my language. R: There is a template with a tutorial in the skin.


lingkira / To inspire, for this skin