FlyAway Rainmeter Theme HUD

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FlyAway Rainmeter Theme HUD
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About Skin

Another RainMeter Skins from me :D: * Circle Bookmark (Modded) * Circle Custom Clock and Date (Modded) * Boulevard Extra Drives * Boulevard Hard Drive * Boulevard winamp Foobar * Boulevard Network * Boulevard Processes * Power Toy * Enigma Network Address (modded) * Enigma Takbar * Tech Cpu And Ram * Tech Drive * Tech Time * Tech Network Up and DL Wallpaper: Codename… Inverted by J-Dude913 [link] (FIXED) Copyright for these skins goes by: Power Toy by Nylons [link] Enigma by Kaelri (Default Skin) Circle For Rainmeter by Aidaaah [link] tech by ld-jing [link] :: Boulevard Rainmeter :: by sweatyfish [link] Download link are live! Comment will be appreciated :D ……………………………………….. Install: copy all fonts to %windows/fonts% copy all folders to %skin directory of rainmeter% copy all plugins to %rainmeter instalation directory/ plugins% ……………………………………………. FAQ I’ve got so much question here, and most of them, are the question which are repeated again and again. so i decided to create a FAQ here. hope it helps Q: Crucafix, how do you use the rainmeter? A: see it here: [link] there’s a manual which can explain how you use rainmeter Q: Crucafix, my weather skin doesn’t work! A: read it here: [link] Q: Why don’t you answer it yourself instead of directing us to another web? A: all of your answer is there. i don’t know which one that could answer all of your question Q: why dont you just copy-paste it here? A: it’s way too looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong to be posted here Q: Ah, say it, you just too lazy to explain it right here huh? A: if i say yes then what? Q: you lazydog! A: well, if my explanation doesn’t satisfied you, then ask it to another person for more satisfying answer P.S: please don’t ever ask me how to use this skin. i expect that all visitor here understand how to use rainmeter. so please don’t ever ask me how. and im feel terribly sorry that i cant answer all of the question you ask because, well i don’t have enough time to get online.. i’m so sorry :( and thank you for your appreciation :) EDIT: wow i never thought my skin would be get a looooot of comment, views and favourites :D thanks to all of you who have +fav and downloaded my skin. and thanks too for the original creator of the skin who give me an inspiration to create this. once again thank you :)