Tech Overkill Rainmeter Theme 23.11

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Tech Overkill Rainmeter Theme 23.11
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About Skin

+++UPDATED 23/11/2013+++ **LOOK BELOW THE LIST OF SKINS USED FOR LIST OF REQUIRED PROGRAMS YOU WILL NEED TO GET THIS SKIN TO WORK RIGHT** **Also Highly Recommended ‘tweaks’ for this Skin are listed below (like the wallpaper, sound scheme, cursor)** I created a desktop that works just fine for me but may be too busy for others.  To each their own. As I use the laptop this theme was build on for my job in IT,  I set up the launchers for things like Remote Desktop, GoToAssist Expert and so on. You may need to make a few changes.  (To change the Vertical Launcher, Horizontal Small Launcher, Folders (half-circle under the clock) and Website links (on the end of the spokes) you need to edit the Config.ini file under the Resources folder,  It’s pretty self explanatory once you are in the Config.ini file.)
This new version has added a couple of skins, a new app, and I have cleaned up the folders, reducing the total size of this skin by 3 MB
Rainmeter Skins Used: 1. Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D OS Ver 1.2.0, by Daelnz – [link] 2. BlueVision V0.2 Alpha, by g3xter – [link] 3. Enigma, by Kaelri – [link] 4. Vuze Torrent Display, by SieSie – [link] 5. Hi-Tech Desktop, by takeshikawa – [link] 6. Mass Effect, by RickF7666 – [link] 7. Tech-A, by BurnWell88 – [link] 8. USB Mini Link, by aihehe – [link] 9. LocksState 2, by balazslaci – [link] 10. Rotating Sphere, by g3xter – [link] 11. QuickURL, by Geduget – [link] 12. Pacebo WiFi by Wiedzma – [link]
Required programs needed for this skin to function:
CoreTemp   To get the temps for your GPU, Hard Drives, CPUs to display in some skins.
SpeedFan    To see your fan speeds correctly (and a couple of the skins need this to display temps)
Optional Stuff I use to enhance this Skin:
iTouch   This is a nice addition to the theme, giving you a ‘drop of water in a lake’ effect when you click on the screen.
Blue Cursor   I can’t get it to screenshot but trust me, it goes well with this and other skins like this one.  This is a .rar of the cursor image files. Windows sounds    Save in .wav format. Taken from a few video games and sci-fi TV shows.   ArE YOu StiLL ThERe? LogOn Screen Changer   Right-click and run as admin.  Select a wallpaper and you have a new background for your log in screen The Wallpaper  is simply the black Lenovo “Think” wallpaper that came on my T430.  I was just flipping through folders of wallpapers and this one just … worked.  I may mod it to turn the ‘dot’ over the “i” from red to blue.